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Astrology is one of the greatest divinations that can help you find yourself and know your future. There are many astrology books online that will probably explain all the 12 zodiac signs and their connection with YOU and with other zodiac signs. Astrology is really an intriguing divination. Why so? Astrology is popular and used by billions of people around the world. The road of self-discovery is what life is essentially about. The more you know about yourself, the more advanced you will become into unlocking your true potential in life.

Selecting the Best Astrology books?

If you are searching for an amazing astrology book, there is a reason why you are on this page, call it YOUR SIGN.  Take this sign as something meaningful and it will lead yo to other great explorations in your life. If you are looking for many astrology books online, why not just purchase 1 astrology book that has astrology, horoscopes, zodiac sign, chakras, tarot, feng shui, dream dictionary, and more? Today, I will present you with a book that has been written based on 3 generations of experience and from a 11 year popular astrology website, astrology junction.


Many Astrology Books or Just 1 Household Book?

Having many astrology books versus just one book that has everything inside is much more preferable. Mystic has become the nations most popular household book that is know to hold the motto, ” buy once, use forever.”

What does this beyond astrology book include? 

Full: Astrology, Tarot, Dream Dictionary, Face Reading, Ancient Superstitions, Sacred Planet Meanings, Coffee Fortune Telling, Tarot Spreads with Printable Cards, Chakras, Spells, Birthday Meanings, and more! 


This is the best astrology book you can find! If you’re like us, you probably love something that you can constantly use and keep with you wherever you are. Being that Mystic also includes a dream dictionary, I personally, always take a look at my dream analysis every morning. It’s pretty easy to do with the auto search. If you are just learning astrology, it is a great way to instantly read more about your zodiac signs, your zodiac sign, or your friends.

Rating: More than your regular Astrology book

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Mystic is no doubt more than your regular astrology book. With hundreds of thousands of sales from the US only, Mystic has become one of the most accurate and top-rated books on the market. Unlike any book, Mystic includes many divinations all in one book. So again, if you are in search of  a great or top-ranking astrology book, Mystic is a book that has entered your path for a reason!

Why do we recommend it?

A.A,   stands for ‘Accuracy’. This book is not only the 1st book of all divinations, but it is one of the most accurate books out there. Here at astrology astro, we are a group of astrologers with many years of experience. With that just said, we know a good book when we see one! Mystic is very accurate in astrology as well as all the other divinations that it includes. Try it yourself and you’ll experience the same!

B. Lengthy book and always reusable. If you need to look up a superstition, a zodiac sign, or even your dreams, Mystic is beyond an astrology book and it is a book that you can always reuse. This book can be used on a daily basis!

C. 5 Stars Household Book. Mystic has transformed to a household book. If you are in need of a great book to always keep with you where ever you go and use by yourself or read to your friends, Mystic is the best choice. Above we rated Mystic ‘A for accuracy and we meant it! Mystic was created for you to find your journey in life, open your mind, and discover you destiny. Believe in believing.

Where to get it?

You can exclusively purchase it as a PDF file on astrology-astro for the first time by clicking the purchase button below:


After you purchase, wait to be redirected back to astrology-astro and you will notice a group of pdf files, click download and you will instantly gain access to Mystic!

You may also check your email to do the same. If you have any questions you may contact astrology junction  at their main email which is