Astrology Chart Interpretation

Everything I’ve presented so far represents only letters of the alphabet with which you can compile a description of any chart. Any astrology program can calculate and draw a chart, one can even describe the terms that indicate the positions of planets and zodiac houses, but you have to make an astrologer is able to interpret this theme to make the information in it at hand and understood by anybody. This can not be done by a computer. There are several different methods in achieving interpretations and each is based on a number of important principles. An astrologer gets to apply a certain method of interpretation, at first superficially, then more deeply, as you gain experience. For example, when taking the first steps in interpreting astrological themes, beginning student can stop reading meanings of the planets in the zodiac signs. Then you begin to consider the positions of the planets in houses and then interplanetary aspects etc. Below is the steps of a method of interpretation that can be successfully used by beginners who want to learn astrology practice it in their lives. In fact, it some details about the astrological chart to be studied in a certain order, according to their importance in horoscope:

Position houses, starting with the Ascendant and Midheaven. Houses that contain planets can be treated more carefully.

Position of each planet in the zodiac , starting with Sun and Moon. The planets are in exaltation home and will be treated more carefully.

Position of each planet in homes . Planets in angular houses (I, X, VII and IV) have great importance.

Dream Dictionary Interpretation?

Those who love astrology and divination, will probably love a dream dictionary interpretation as well!

The best and most recommended one online is Astrology Junction Dream Dictionary 

It is a mystical website filled with messages of your dreams and an a to z dream analysis.

We really do love reading about dreams which is why we recommend it.