Hermetic Universal Laws

The 7 Laws of Hermetic philosophy are what we use to the full the human perception, and They can be traced very well in modern science, in various formulations and positions. It is up to stand up and at higher levels of perception. We see that in astrology Universal Laws faithfully reflected in the structures studied, in parts of the zodiac and their characteristics, the significance of the stars involved in interpreting relationships between them. Extremely important is permanent astrologer to relate to the entire zodiac and around the topic studied. This image required the entire first derived directly from the Universal Law: Everything is Spirit. And the Spirit no divisions, parts, All is One, even if we perceive and interpret many disparate elements: we astrology zodiac signs, planets and aspects between them have multiple manifestations – and yet they are part of the same Whole. The human mind It is too unusual to see whole has always tended to consider the parties to reach full images, and you can not say that this approach is wrong from the start, but the analysis should be done always parties to arrive at the idea of integrating the results analysis into the bigger picture. If someone is born under the sign of Leo, for example, this is just one of the important features of his native ground, which derives from the fact that Sun is in the zodiac sign of Leo since his birth, but have seen overall theme to be conclusions available at the individual level. If you start in the study of astrology from a materialistic conception, the spirit does not find the translation or place, then you translate that, first, by a formula In plain English: “Everything is Energy ” .

“Human laws are 7 Angels are three laws, and the law of God is One. “

In Astrology, the characteristics of different forms of Universal Energy is defined as vibrations. It is said that each zodiac sign and each planet has its vibration has a particular vibration and this vibration changes depending on the relationship they have between them the signs and planets, generating multiple manifestations of the Whole. For the most attentive or sensitive to vibrations, this can be charged directly: every passage of the sun into a new zodiac sign, they may perceive this change of vibration personally and even can see how this change occurs in life all. Similarly, when a planet passes in a certain sign of the zodiac, it is a change of vibration. Most people only see the effects, events and new states, but those sensitive to vibration may perceive change before seeing the effects. The whole is expressed in Zodiac. 12 zodiac signs know of no hierarchy, no good or bad sign, nor any better or worse than another sign. There are 12 categories of vibration, differentiated and complementary qualitative whole zodiac. If a man is born under a particular zodiac sign, this may mean that he will express more intense qualities of that zodiac sign, but he, as a person, will be as important in the whole universe like any other man. Those who is expecting a direct input in the analysis of those concrete things – signs, planets, houses – which were heard in astrological language may be a little disappointed that such comments do theoretical. But I assure you it is not gratuitous. Science of Astrology is not just a sum of fixed notions exotic interpretations, but is above all a method of perceiving reality and know it, and if they neglect these metaphysical foundations, the results will be more disappointing because you can not only be used in very limited extent. Those who really want to study astrology, to use it specifically in their lives, they need to reflect deeply on its basic principles, so their correct understanding and application of them can lead to good results in practice. In conclusion, I insist once again on the need to always have in mind the whole. In following articles I will begin a presentation of “parties”, a specific analysis of the characteristics of zodiac signs, but must be kept constantly in mind the idea that all form a whole.