John Marchesella is a pro astrologer since year 1976, he is known for providing a down to earth explanation to astrology. He is certified by the NCGR, National Council of Cosmic Research. John is also a professional speaker at United Astrology Congress. His articles have been so successful that they have circulated in journals and newsletters including on

John has a desire to share his knowledge on astrology, he has designed the astrological curriculum for the New York Open Center in 1997 and an easy-to-understand introduction to astrology at the Learning Annex in 2002.

How to Get Astro John Readings & Classes


If you happen to have a passion for astrology and it draws you, then you definitely need to get a reading or join a class with John. He is a true PRO, if you’re in the NYC area it is a major plus. There may also be virtual classes available, also telephone consultations and even skype.  Set up an appointment with John to get a reading on astro john and if you’re interested in astrology classes you can go to this page and get started.