Aquarius Yearly Horoscope


Aquarius Saturn leaves your house of career, signaling the end of a long stage (over two years) loaded with responsibilities, limiting and often frustrating, but for Aquarians are determined to do their job, you must have brought a strengthening of position and getting results with effect long term. escape the influences of Saturn, Aquarius relaxes career. There will be some things in place in summer (June-August 2015), when Saturn returns to the area, but what passed was difficult. For the next three years, Saturn is headed by corporate interests, friendship, group actions , corporate interests, political and even social activism. In this area, Saturn you “serve” a touchstone 2015, a burden showers, a lesson to learn, but it can reward you with lasting achievements. The news beautiful Aquarius 2015 come from Jupiter, which in the first half fosters love and marriage, and in full, in relationships, including collaboration or business. It is a good period for the private life of Aquarius, but also widening our circle of acquaintances, make new friendships or for concluding new contracts. In the second half of 2015 Jupiter is favorable monetary issues: Aquarius brings advantages by third parties good contacts financial environments, gifts etc. Beware of scammers and situations but confusing illegal or immoral! 2015 is excellent for information, learning, intellectual creativity, communication.