Zodiac Symbols

When we are studying astrology birth chart using graphic representations of the zodiac sky map for the time studied. If you got your own birth chart, you’ve seen the image of concentric circles divided into the 12 signs and 12 houses, sprinkled with lots of lines and strange symbols – are also called glyphs. Sometimes glyphs are used and astrological texts to replace the literal names of the planets or the other “letters” astrology. Some of glyphs from a chart representing the signs, others symbolize planets or other celestial bodies or major virtual points. Knowing and understanding basic glyphs is to study effectively. Any confusion between glyphs can lead to an erroneous interpretation of the astrological chart. Unfortunately, when I run AstroText text format does not allow me to illustrate zodiac glyphs even here, so I’m just compelled to describe. I invite you, in your face chart having its own drawing to identify in these glyphs. You have to remember that symbolic representations of constellations, planets and astrological of other points were not invented arbitrarily. In ancient metaphysics, basic graphic elements (line, circle, point, etc.) have deep spiritual meaning, for example straight lines are parts of rational, logical, while the curves are components sentimental, emotional. Their combinations produced these glyphs which graphically depict the intrinsic significance of the notions they represent.

In this issue I will limit myself to describing the symbols for the 12 zodiac signs. They are inscribed all around the Zodiac, in order, counterclockwise, in equal sectors, as many 30 degrees, so that it is easier to identify them, taking them at all if you managed to identify at least one of them. The symbol of Aries A vertical line starts at the bottom right, and at the upper end splits into two branches symmetrical round as two incomplete opening half-down, reminding perfect two ram horns. Vertical line symbolizes cold thinking, devoid of emotion, but the two crescents represents power is gushing waters outside consciousness. Taurus zodiac symbol A circle is placed on a crescent lying, opening up recalling exactly a bull’s head – circle the skull and crescent – the horns. The circle is the symbol of the spirit, and he supports crescent – the symbol of the soul, open to the sky. Note that there is no straight line, since this is a purely emotional symbol. The symbol zodiac sign Gemini Two parallel vertical lines which rests on a horizontal line below and above are “covered” by another horizontal line. They are twins, two pillars of wisdom, or two lines of destiny, bounded by two levels – the physical, bottom, and the metaphysical, above. The symbol does not contain curves, so it is purely rational brain. Cancer zodiac symbol Here we see two crescents, one up and one down, each with openness to the other, and having adhered to an end (the top, to the left end, the down at the right end) and inward cite a circle. The symbol reminiscent of a crab claws, and suggests a cyclical union between soul and crescent circle spirit. Like the bull, missing straight lines, so we have a purely emotional symbol.

Leo zodiac symbol continues up A small circle with a curve down and then back down below the circle, like an inverted S and little sleep. The image is reminiscent of a lion’s head and mane. The circle symbolizes the spirit that initially rises above Earth line, but until then descend under it, illustrating the spirit in the physical descent, or divine love among people. It only curves, is another emotional symbol. The symbol of Virgo symbol looks very much like an “m” of mine, a symbol of primitive matter, but the last vertical line on the right is cut by a line (sometimes for a loop) which falls below the vertical lines. The 3 vertical lines represent three levels of consciousness – conscious, subconscious, superconscious – the crescent of the soul united at the upper end, but despite the complexity glyphs, there is a descent into materialism and introversion on the final line. Libra zodiac symbol is a symbol consists of two components unjoined between them. Below is a simple horizontal line, symbolizing physical, and above it a parallel line, which means include a semicircle with the opening down, symbolizing the metaphysical. The picture brings a balance with two equal arms (top line), suggesting divine justice position (crescent) above street level. Scorpio zodiac symbol symbol contains the same “m” in the sign of Virgo, all as a symbol of primitive matter, but at the low end of the last vertical lines there is a tail fell below glyphs, at the top with an arrow – scorpion needle. The same three levels of consciousness, working separately, the latter being characterized and earthly desire shown by the arrow. The symbol zodiac Sagittarius A diagonal arrow pointing to the right and up, and cut a small arc, well illustrates bow and arrow. Facing upward arrow symbolizes the permanent tendency towards progress and the two intersecting components express the dual nature of the sign, combined with the human animal, like centaur. Capricorn zodiac symbol Glifa has the most complex, comprising both straight line and circle crescent. From left, straight line down suggesting lowering the intellect in materiality, another line then climb up to the highest level, where continuous loop in a circle on the right, following a crescent finally descending to the interior. The image recalls the head and horns of a goat and, or the body of a goat with a fish tail. Aquarius zodiac symbol Two parallel wavy lines, one above the other. The bottom is the physical layer, the top – a metaphysical level, and they are not touching. Suggest waves of jug water flowing human knowledge, and electric and magnetic waves, or even brain waves, mental. Pisces symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions are represented by two half-openings directed outwards, so in opposite directions. A horizontal line in the middle cut them, uniting them. Different tendencies symbolized by the two crescents unite the soul to center, resulting unity of opposites and reconcile all paradoxes. These symbols represent the current tools work in astrology. Drawing their precision, without haste and without alteration, it is important to keep a fair view of their significance, and will take effect in triggering and intuitive process that reveals the connections between the elements of a chart. Therefore, I suggest that they not be treated lightly, as simple graphic codes, but to be seen as images of archetypes to be represented as accurate in use.