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Read below the most common dreams. Full a to z dream dictionary interpretations.

Entertainment: I saw in a dream that is enjoying a fun event you get fantastic news from a person who is far away

Purchase : If you go to buy, success and joy has to come to your house.

Snow: If you see that it is snowing without the winter, you have to run into trouble. Dirty snow means boredom and infidelity, and snow white is a symbol of joy and pure love.

Hail , hail to fall means that will invite you to a celebration. But there are also negative sense, especially if hail falls on your door at night. Hail to the sun means that you have to spend a period of economic difficulties will come later prosperity.

Bread: I saw in a dream that separates your bread with others, you have to find good partners.

Beauty: If you see a beautiful person or yourself beautiful this means that they will have happiness, health, longevity.

Applause: If you see asleep than to applaud for something it means they have to be given something, and you have to realize successfully. If you applauds someone, you are in a very good physical condition. Without first being heard applause who applauds, you have to inherit something unexpected from a distant relative.

Gold: If you see the dream of gold or any gold object have to meet a fellow servant who will behave selfishly and tough. If someone finds something of gold has to be deceiving. Gold that is worn means more profits.

Christmas: All the dreams that are related to Christmas are about love, health and joy.

Letter: If you see in a dream that crumple a piece of paper you have to have a big concern in your family. Paper correspondence means it will come you good news, while the white blank paper means that your problems will be solved. Colored paper or draw means that you have to fix or stabilize.

Color, Coloring: If you see in a dream that she paints or inks deal with have to have great success in your life.

Whisper: If you look at the dream you hear the whisper in your sleep, keep away away rumors.

Carpet: If you buy carpet you have to have a profit in cash. In case that raises the carpet means that you have to have a surprise visit. If walking on soft carpet have to pass things nice things in your family who. But if you see that are off the carpet means that you have to have things wrong. Carpet torn, perforated, they are economic difficulties and perhaps nervous exhaustion due to work.

Shoulders: Shoulder discovered (without clothes) means that you have to have satisfactory changes in your life. While shouldered old tired or sense that will happen trouble and woe. It has a broken shoulder as meaning death. Beautiful shoulders predict passion erotic feminine while sick shoulders are a sign of failure.

Baked, roasted meat or anything fried, is a sign that will win enough Lek, social and health assessment.


Nightmares: a difference between women and men?
We are not all equal before the bad dreams. For example, people who suffer from depression, schizophrenia or those who are trying to quit alcohol, are more at risk.

Those “creative”, also make more bad dreams, because they have more access to their imagination and emotions.

What should be done to have a comfortable sleep? When we sleep out of a bad dream, it is much harder to take us back. Fear of falling back into the same dream, emotions do not take us more sleep … then must try to regain composure using techniques known relaxing (yoga, meditation, breathing, etc.). Or, it might be helpful to write in a dream letter in question, which will facilitate analysis and its meaning.

Dream Manipulation
These are the divisions of dreams, and if one sees in a dream personified his father, mother, brother, uncle or someone else, then this may be true, but can also be Satan because Satan could personified in the form human and seen in a dream, except in the form of the Prophet .