Zodiac Symbols

When we are studying astrology birth chart using graphic representations of the zodiac sky map for the time studied. If you got your own birth chart, you’ve seen the image of concentric circles divided intoContinue reading


Natal Astrology – The Planets

The Planets of Natal Astrology Explained The term “planet” means originally “wandering star”, and was used in ancient times to refer to any celestial body which was seen moving at the sky, the stars. AtContinue reading


Karmic Astrology

In Europe, the concept of reincarnation was known at least from Greek antiquity, when it was believed that after death the souls undergo a judgment of the gods after which most worthy were allowed toContinue reading


Holistic Astrology

  In the second half of the twentieth century developed a new vision of astrology that embraced holistic concepts promoted by a number of researchers from various fields of science, claiming the need to lookContinue reading


Synastry Astrology

Since ancient times, astrology was used to find remedies for solving human health . From birth could foresee, in natal chart, an individual predispositions for certain injuries or illnesses, and with the development of medicineContinue reading


Dream Meanings

Dreams Dictionary Read below the most common dreams. Full a to z dream dictionary interpretations. Entertainment: I saw in a dream that is enjoying a fun event you get fantastic news from a person whoContinue reading


Hermetic Universal Laws

The 7 Laws of Hermetic philosophy are what we use to the full the human perception, and They can be traced very well in modern science, in various formulations and positions. It is up toContinue reading


Solar Signs of Astrology

  Of the 6 billion humans living of our planet, it is assumed that only a few have never heard of astrology. This is because in most of the countries is in use – forContinue reading